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Attune Collective, LLC – Change Leadership: How to Lead Change That Achieves the Intended Outcomes

Thursday, Aug 10, 2023
Virtual Webinar

If you are in the middle of organization change and the responsibility for achieving a desired outcome for the organization sits on your shoulders…
this one’s for you.

For many, this responsibility of change leadership does not come easily. It’s a matter of trial and error at a table with high stakes. When the context is complex and the need to take action is immediate, the usual cadence of business activities such as project management, training and communications become the ‘go to’ actions to drive change. These activities don’t create organization change, leaders do.

When leaders positively leverage their positional power, engage the organization in the change design, and support people along the way, change achieves its intended outcomes.

In this webinar you will learn the key drivers for leading change that achieves its intended outcomes as well as effective and well-researched ways to engage and support people throughout the change.

Date: Thursday, August 10 @ 11:00a – 12:00p MDT