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CU Boulder Core Facilities Open House and Local Industry Fair

Tuesday, Jun 6, 2023

This will be a half-day event with the intention of connecting the CU research community with both research cores and local industry. One of our goals is for students, post-docs, and researchers to get to know what companies are in our region, and we are hoping that this exposure will lead to future collaborations and recruitment opportunities. We also want to provide information about the shared research equipment resources that are available at CU Boulder that could enable partnerships between local industry and CU.

There is no event fee except for parking. We will provide exhibitors with a folding table and two chairs. Your company name will be printed and displayed on the table, as well as printed in the program. You can share any material, including company information or job listings, that you may want to advertise to our students and researchers. Lunch will be provided.

If you are interested in participating, please reserve your table here: 2023 Cores Day Planning Tables Webform.

We are also actively looking for sponsors for the event. If you are interested in being a sponsor, information can be found here: 2023 CU Boulder Core Facilities Open House – Sponsor Levels. While your sponsorship is very welcome, it is not required to participate.

Please email jian.tay@colorado.edu with any questions.