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DEI Leadership Fundamentals – Virtual Series

Tuesday, Jun 6, 2023

Session 1: June 6, 2023  

Exploring Power & Positionality: Examining how personal power shows up in conversations about DEI.

This workshop will ask participants to examine the concepts of bias, power, and privilege, and the ways in which they manifest in our daily lives. Additionally, participants will engage in activities to understand their own privilege and how it may impact the ways they interact with other people and the systems and institutions of which they are a part. 

Session 2: June 26, 2023  

Microaggressions: No, where are you really from?

This session looks at the small, subtle, and more persistent forms of racism and other identity-based acts of exclusion that occur across workplaces, dinner tables, and our everyday lives. Participants will learn what microaggressions are, how to recognize when one is happening, and how to help mitigate for them. 

Session 3: July 11, 2023  

Up for Debate: Unpacking words and phrases that trip people up.

In this session, we will dig into the history of words and phrases that are rooted in the “isms” of sexism, racism, ageism, and classism – often with little to no awareness. This session will utilize multiple examples and explore the history attached, to ultimately help you pivot as you move forward through the world. 

Session 4: July 25, 2023  

Reflection and Discussion: How do we move forward with our current understanding of DEI?

As we continue to learn and expand our understanding of core DEI concepts, we can sometimes find ourselves stuck between learning and action. This discussion-based session will help participants connect the dots between their learnings and the tangible day to day decisions they can make at work, at home, and in society.