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Early Stage Access to Capital

Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

Brought to you by Lewis Hagler, Colorado Enterprise Fund…

Acquiring loans from banks can be a long and difficult process for early-stage startups. Colorado Enterprise Fund’s flexible model substitutes a solid management team, SAGE, investors, boards, etc., for the historical proof of concept that comes with a 2-year financial track record a bank would typically require to make a loan. The Colorado Enterprise Fund focuses more on the management team and advisory structure as opposed to the historical records of net income and cash flow.


Many Innosphere companies have taken advantage of this specialized program – one of the few programs like this in the country.


This session will cover:

· Major categories of funding available in the market

· The pros and cons of debt vs equity as well as concepts surrounding leveraging the two

· The relation to early-stage businesses (especially with largely IP/intangible asset base)

· Specifics on the design of the Colorado Enterprise Fund program and special products offered

· General financing


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