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Meet the Investors virtual event: Meet Farnam Street Financial

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022
Virtual on Zoom

Meet Farnam Street Financial: Solutions for companies acquiring technology & business assets

Join Innosphere Ventures at their next “Meet the Investors” event featuring Farnam Street Financial, a firm specializing in customized and flexible leasing finance solutions for companies across the entire size and growth spectra! Using their unique hands-on approach, Farnam works with companies who are acquiring technology and business essential assets at an early stage. Their goal is to help founders extend their current runway and preserve their equity as they build the valuation of their company through the many different stages of scale

Farnam Street uses their own capital to provide low cost, high value leasing solutions to their customers. One of Innosphere’s building tenants who had a successful acquisition, Lacuna Diagnostics, used Farnam Street for their equipment leasing. “They took a chance on us when no one else would,” said Lacuna Diagnostics’ COO.

Farnam Street serves specialized vertical markets, knows each company has unique needs, and welcomes opportunities to work with almost any type of company. Read more about their markets Read more about their markets here.

Innosphere is excited to host Farnam Street because just like us, they partner with entrepreneurs to build innovative, high-growth companies. They are a source of non-dilutive capital for companies across the full credit spectrum – from early stage businesses to established global enterprises!

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