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Non-Dilutive Funding Isn’t Always Non-Dilutive: Strategies for Leveraging Government Funding while Building a Company

Thursday, Jun 16, 2022

Attention pre-series A companies, if you are interested in non-dilutive funding, you may want to attend this informative session. Non-dilutive funding in the form of government SBIRs and STTRs can be the key to lowering technology risk in startups. While non-dilutive funding doesn’t dilute your ownership of the company, it can dilute your attention to the core aspects of the business that drive growth and success. This webinar will discuss strategies for leveraging non-dilutive government funding to de-risk your technology while maintaining focus on the key drivers of success.

About our Guest Speaker: Greg Rieker has raised more than $10M in non-dilutive funding for LongPath Technologies, the spin-out from his laboratory at the University of Colorado. LongPath provides continuous emissions monitoring for oil and gas infrastructure using Colorado’s own Nobel prize winning frequency comb lasers. Along the way, Greg and the LongPath leadership faced difficult decisions about non-dilutive vs dilutive funding sources and leveraged both in a combination that is driving its current growth.

Speaker: Greg Rieker, Co-founder and CTO, LongPath Technologies, Associate Professor at CU Boulder

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