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Rapid and Data-Rich Chromatographic Method Development – how to efficiently deliver powerful methods that enable well-characterized impurity profiles for new drug candidates.

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2020


This presentation will discuss an unbiased and systematic step-by-step approach for combining the latest UPLC technologies with rapid column and mobile phase screening platforms to develop analytical methods for impurity quantification in drug substance matrices. This strategy can reduce the analytical development timeline, improve knowledge and understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the separation, while affording viable, robust methods.

This webinar will:

  • Provide an overview of common method development pitfalls
  • Discuss the importance of unbiased column and mobile phase screening approaches
  • Discuss the timelines and milestones within the method development workflow including detection, column and mobile phase selection, gradient optimization, and tuning of instrument parameters for temperature, flow rate, and sample loading

The Cambrex Durham site is a world-leader in analytical services for drug substances and drug products at all stages of the clinical and commercial development lifecycle.

Speaker Information
Dr. Daniel Kirschner, Senior Director, Analytical Services – Cambrex Durham