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RVC Pitch Academy

Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

The RVC Pitch Academy is a half-day workshop designed to do much more than just polish a founder’s pitch and presentation skills. From delivering a compelling presentation to negotiating a successful deal, this workshop will prepare founders to understand many of the terms and processes used by VCs and sharpen their venture strategy.

Key topics include:

  • Preparing a business for a deal
  • Designing a deck
  • Delivering the pitch
  • Communicating the value for venture funding
  • Balancing pitching a product vs. pitching a company
  • Raising equity vs. convertible debt
  • Communicating risks that don’t raise red flags
  • Understanding investor psychology
  • Following up with interested investors

RVC’s Pitch Academy instructors have years of experience working with angel + venture capital investors; the Pitch Academy content reflects deep and useful insights about investor priorities and interests. Multiple instructors ensure one-on-one engagement, including pitch practice with real-time feedback.

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