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RVC Summer 2024 Equal Access HyperAccelerator® – Demo Day

Tuesday, Jul 30, 2024
Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship or virtual via Zoom

RVC’s HyperAccelerator® is a unique program with all the content, mentors and workshops of a 12 week accelerator packed into six action filled days. RVC HyperAccelerator® graduates work hands-on with investors, Fractional CFOs, and various mentors to hone their financial and business strategies in order to have a deep and coherent set of strategies that make their pitch solid and just the tip of the iceberg with all the crucial steps for Venture Capital readiness in place.

Angel Investors and VCs will have a chance to see pitches from venture capital ready companies and to meet after the pitches and discuss the opportunities with other investors. 

This Demo Day is free and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC with in-person and virtual attendance options!  

Event Agenda:

3:00pm to 3:15pm Networking
3:15pm to 3:30pm Introduction
3:30pm to 5:00pm Pitch Block
5:00pm to 6:00 pm HyperAccelerator Investor Forum


After an extraordinarily intense week the cohort of RVC’s Equal Access HyperAccelerator® program will have the chance to pitch in front of the community. If you want to learn more about the RVC HyperAccelerator® program check out www.rockiesventureclub.org/hyper.

Meet the Cohort!

Gridlock is a mobile crypto wallet bringing in the next wave of crypto users with a simple, safe, and universal design that supports all chain types of users. The consumer product is live and moving upmarket.


Sustainable Chemicals helps brands offer sustainable packaging solutions without the price premium or performance penalty of other bioplastics. Our products are engineered for optimal circularity, supporting both mechanical and advanced recycling processes.


TreadShare’s mobile app links drivers and riders heading in the same direction so they can carpool in the driver’s vehicle while sharing the associated costs. This aims to reduce traffic, save money, and help protect the environment.


Ojje is leading a transformative movement in storytelling by blending education, entertainment, and cutting-edge technology to address literacy issues. Using AI, Ojje creates an interactive library of learning.


Pomarium introduces a groundbreaking technology that enables financial advisors to collaboratively create portfolios with their clients on demand.


RenewRx is the digital ally for prenatal care providers, revolutionizing the patient experience while reducing provider workload and burnout. By integrating remote monitoring, and AI, RenewRx enhances outcomes for modern moms-to-be.


mpaqt powers a network that connects partners that need warehousing and distribution with those that can provide it. By targeting the warehouse and distribution market, mpaqt makes an impact with both the “hosts” and the “merchants”.


Contact: Rockies Venture Club