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Smart Shake Flasks: How Modern Sensors Can Redefine Your Bioprocess

Thursday, Mar 23, 2023
Virtual Webinar

Shake flasks are the most commonly used small-scale cultivation vessel in microbial fermentation laboratories. Their ease-of use and low cost per experiment provide an ideal set-up for screening strains and different conditions in lower volumes.

However, traditionally shake flasks are black-box bioreactors. Available manual sampling methods cannot provide enough information to understand one’s bioprocess fully, are time-consuming, and come with additional risks like contamination.

New, modern sensor technologies allow scientists to study key parameters in shake flasks non-invasively, automatically, and in real time. With these new insights, scientists can optimize their bioprocess, starting with their media.

In this webinar, we present Raul Reveles, Senior Process Engineer from Bond Pet Foods. Learn how his company saved up to $70k a year by switching from manual sampling to modern sensors for their shake flask cultivations.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • The challenges of manual OD sampling
  • How sbi’s optical sensors saved time and money
  • How shake flask data can be used to make accurate predictions of bioreactor behavior

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