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Unified Platform for Life Sciences Value Chain; People-Data-Process

Thursday, Jan 26, 2023

A complex life sciences environment demands a resilient value chain and transformed business model that break down data silos, reduces turnaround times, and places patients at the center of your operations. With an industry-wide connected value chain, data is readily available and accessible, which enables informed decision-making and quick reactions to disruptions in the supply chain. This also contributes to data integrity and on-time delivery of quality products.

Key Takeaways
• Building a Life Sciences Value Chain Data Backbone of the future
• Creating a Unified Enterprise Science Platform for Pharma Operations
• Improving Utilization and Efficiency through Data Intelligence
• Ensuring real-time availability of data
• Integrating the right digital innovation and strategy
• Engaging with Industry peers and sharing Common Learnings

Who should Benefit?
From C-level executives through Quality VPs, Directors, from managers to the knowledgeable professionals in the lab.


Louis Hendriks, Founder and CEO of Global Value WebLouis’s mantra for GVW and for his clients is ‘Executing for Today, Organizing for Tomorrow’. Through over 30 years of experience in enabling global value chains/networks, Louis brings to GVW, a deep understanding of partnering in global networks, and delivering competitive value to clients. Prior to starting Global Value Web, Louis has driven many value chain improvements and integrations for various global companies. _________________________________________________________________

Vasu Rangadass, President and CEO of L7 InformaticsA leader in enterprise-scale digital transformation and automation of scientific processes. Previously, Dr. Rangadass was the Chief Strategy Officer at NantHealth following its acquisition of Net.Orange, the company he founded to provide an enterprise-wide platform to simplify and optimize care delivery processes in health systems. Prior to Net.Orange, Vasu was the first employee of i2 Technologies (currently Blue Yonder), which later grew to be a global company that revolutionized the supply chain market through innovative approaches based on the principles of Six-Sigma, operations research, and process optimization.