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Weekly Policy Update: Drug Pricing News

This week HHS Secretary Alex Azar appeared in front of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee for a hearing on drug pricing. Secretary Azar’s prepared testimony in large part summarized President Trump’s blue print. For more information on the blueprint click here and to view the... Read More

Coming Together as a Community

Collaborating on True Transparency to Benefit Patients Our state’s bioscience innovators work to create wearable devices to help make us healthier, develop drugs that could save a loved one from cancer, and identify disease-causing viruses and bacteria in food and water before they can make people s... Read More

Prescription Drugs: Just the Facts

As the Colorado State Legislature considers House Bill 18-1260, Drug Price Transparency, a lot of claims and opinions are circulating in our state about the drivers of health care costs. Prescription drugmakers are a familiar target for those looking to place blame on rising out-of-pocket costs to p... Read More

Weekly Policy Update: Action on Two Bills and Advocacy in DC

UNDER THE GOLD DOME This week, HB18-1135: Extend Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program passed the Colorado House of Representatives and next week it moves to the Senate. This bill extends the advanced industries export acceleration program to businesses looking to expand and grow their busin... Read More

Understanding Bills at the Legislature

Where Do Patients Fit In? Colorado families need access to medicines and health care at affordable prices. That’s why Colorado BioScience Association supports True Transparency. This means considering our complex health care system as a whole to make positive changes for patients and their families.... Read More