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Colorado Funds Bioscience Breakthroughs

Colorado promotes growth and sustainability for the state’s nine identified Advanced Industries, which make up 30% of the Centennial state’s economy, through a state-led Advanced Industry (AI) Accelerator Grant Program. We’re proud to highlight this critical state funding as part of our Breakthrough... Read More

Boettcher Foundation Helps Early-Career Scientists

Funding Propels Investigators’ Research The Boettcher Foundation launched its Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards with the goal of helping early-career investigators advance their research to a point where they would qualify for their first major federal grants. As part of our ongoing Breakthroug... Read More

Precision Medicine in 3D

Printing the Future of Medicine Precision medicine often happens invisibly, in the nuclei of cells, in the dances of proteins, in the bowels of sequencers, in the processing cores of computer servers. There’s no better place to see it and even touch it than at 3D Systems’ gleaming new Healthcare Tec... Read More

Why Choose Colorado?

What makes Colorado an ideal state for bioscience? Our state’s 300 days of sunshine a year and educated workforce appeal to homegrown companies and those looking to relocate. Our top five list, part of our Breakthrough Profiles national storytelling campaign to promote our state’s bioscience industr... Read More

News + Blog

Get weekly updates from Colorado’s leading source for life sciences news and information. Read More

Millennials: Training Talent

State-Funded Program Connects Interns to Bioscience Careers Colorado’s commitment to growing a strong bioscience workforce begins with training up-and-coming talent. A state-funded program focused on advancing the careers of next-generation innovators provides companies in the state’s designated Inn... Read More

miRagen: Comprehensive, microRNA Targeted Therapies

Tiny Molecules Modulate Cellular Processes and Can Re-Program Cells Involved in Disease Bill Marshall was in Vienna, Austria, when he got the news. A prominent researcher had, for the first time, found a way to use a molecular cousin of DNA, called a microRNA, to prevent heart failure in mice with h... Read More