SolidAIRity Flex™ Launches First-in-Patient Limited Market Release

Securisyn Medical has formally launched its FDA-registered, Adult SolidAIRity Flex™ Endotracheal Tube Securement device, at Memorial Hospital – University of Colorado Health in Colorado Springs. This novel device features Securisyn’s patented Interlock™ collar securement technology, designed to eliminate breathing tube slippage and its associated complications, costs, and/or resulting clinical interventions in mechanically ventilated patients.
The early results in our initial group of intubated/ventilated patients during the first week are very promising. Preliminary use of our device has garnered positive reviews around its ease of use, strength, durability, and stability, as echoed by Rob Scott, Registered Respiratory Therapist and Respiratory Therapy Manager, UCH – Memorial Southern Region, who noted “we have seen no instances of tube slippage requiring clinician depth re-adjustment upon placement of SolidAIRity Flex™ following post radiographic confirmation.”
We look forward to sharing more detailed clinical results and caregiver feedback once it becomes available over the coming days and weeks – but we are excited at the early professionalism, engagement and enthusiasm displayed by the University of Colorado Health Memorial Hospital Respiratory Care staff, especially against a difficult backdrop of a large surge in hospitalized COVID patients and reduced staffing levels.
Finally, a huge shout out to our small but mighty Securisyn Medical team for their incredible work over the last 18 months that led to this encouraging strong start around our mission of reducing preventable harm to patients – and to our village that has supported us in that journey that now continues forward!

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