27 Companies Share 6.1 Million Dollars in 2019 Advanced Industries Accelerator Grants

Colorado BioScience Association congratulates the 27 companies recently recognized as valuable investments for the entire state by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s (OEDIT) Advanced Industries (AI) Grants Program. The growth and success of Colorado’s life science ecosystem would not be as robust as it is today without this valuable assistance from the state’s Advanced Industries (AI) Accelerator Grant Program. Special congratulations to the bioscience companies who were awarded funding this round:

ImmunoMolecular Therapeutics is developing immuno-therapeutic drugs to treat autoimmune diseases.

Eximis Surgical is working to improve patient outcomes after surgery by reducing the size of incisions required.

Arpeggio Biosciences is offering a look into the cellular activity of medications to better understand how they work and improve outcomes for patients.

Respirogen, Inc. has developed a technology to deliver oxygen into the body without employing the lungs to treat patients with lung injuries.

Aspero Medical focuses on improving gastrointestinal balloon endoscopy for the patient and physician.

Sana Health is dedicated to redefining pain treatment.

Triple Endoscopy is developing a medical system to enable unsedated endoscopy procedures for pediatric and adult patients.

Fisher Imaging is developing technology that doubles the resolution and contrast of today’s mammography with less than half the x-ray dose.

Sopris Health offers a AI medical scribe technology to serve as an accurate and efficient digital assistant.

Our members join a wide range of innovative Colorado companies bringing their own unique contributions to the state.

OEDIT has been a strong supporter of Colorado startups and their industry leading contributions. The AI Accelerator Grant program began in 2013 with a goal of promoting innovative Colorado companies and providing a path to commercialization. Since the initial launch the program has established a strong infrastructure that allows our state to be highly competitive on the global stage.

The program received 100 applications this year. Each applicant went through a rigorous selection process including pitch sessions to the full committee of experts.

Applications for the next round of awards will open in July 2019.

OEDIT’s full awards announcement is available on their website.

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