Agilent Announces Purchase of Boulder Facility

Agilent Technologies has announced it is purchasing the building in Boulder where they have been manufacturing therapeutic oligonucleotides (“oligos”) for over a decade. This $12 million purchase, along with their recent $150 million investment in their second oligo manufacturing site in Frederick, Colorado, more than doubles their capacity to produce oligos and reaffirms Agilent’s confidence in the therapeutic oligo market. Furthermore, it solidifies their commitment to doing business in the state of Colorado and their commitment to be a good corporate citizen in local communities.

The oligo market is expected to grow significantly in the future as pharmaceutical companies continue to innovate this approach to genetic medicine for treating hepatic diseases, cancer and other diseases. Agilent will now have two state-of-the-art facilities in Colorado that will produce therapeutic oligos to treat patients around the world.

Agilent’s Head of Development Joseph Guiles, PhD, says, “We are excited that we will be part of the Colorado Bioscience community, specifically in the Boulder and Frederick communities, for years to come.”

Agilent currently provides approximately 250 professional, high-paying jobs in Colorado, with the potential to expand further depending on customer demand.

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