Bolder Surgical launches CoolSeal™ Vessel Sealing Platform

Bolder Surgical, today announced the launch of its CoolSeal™ Vessel Sealing platform. 

Founded in 2010 as JustRight Surgical, Bolder Surgical provides surgeons right-sized surgical instruments to safely and effectively perform minimally invasive surgery in pediatric patients from neonate to teenager. With the launch of the CoolSeal Vessel Sealing platform, the company is leveraging proprietary low power technology to extend its vessel sealing product offering which is increasingly being adopted for use in larger patients.

Along with the new CoolSeal generator and 3mm CoolSeal Mini™ vessel sealer, the platform launch includes a new 5 mm laparoscopic vessel sealer, the CoolSeal Trinity™, a precise surgical instrument for general, urological and gynecological surgery.  “The 360-degree capability of CoolSeal Trinity’s fine-tipped, dual-action jaws allow for precise dissection and quick sealing times with minimal thermal distribution around important structures. It will be a nice addition to my repertoire of surgical instruments,” stated   Irving J. Zamora, MD, MPH, Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

In November 2019, Bolder Surgical acknowledged achievement of an important licensing and co-development milestone with Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG) that resulted in the recent market launch of Intuitive’s E100 vessel sealing generator. 

With the launch of the CoolSeal platform and the Intuitive Surgical co-development milestone completed, Bolder Surgical continues on its path of innovation. “Our focused investment in R&D will enable us to achieve the Company’s long-term vision of entering into markets that move beyond neonatal care.  We are excited about these launches and the robustness of our pipeline to come,” stated Robert Kline, President and CEO, Bolder Surgical

About Bolder Surgical

Bolder Surgical™ was founded with the mission to elevate surgical expectations. Leveraging an expertise in low power energy delivery and precision surgical devices, the company innovates to give surgeons options they’ve never had, optimizing workflow while allowing for minimal surgical impact on every patient. Bolder Surgical is the first and only company to acquire FDA clearance for a 3 mm pediatric vessel sealer, and its mechanical stapler is the only 5 mm stapler on the market.  Bolder Surgical’s products have been adopted at hundreds of hospitals throughout the world.

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Bolder Surgical
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