Bringing Life Sciences Innovators Home to Colorado

New eBook helps health innovators choose the right location for growth.

By: Fitzsimons Innovation Community

Fitzsimons Innovation Community is proud to present a new resource for life sciences companies who are considering relocation to or development on our campus. The newly released eBook, entitled Bringing Life Sciences Innovators Home to Colorado, is an invaluable tool for founders, executives, and site selectors from companies of all sizes, and it showcases how and why Fitzsimons Innovation Community has become a Colorado destination for life sciences acceleration, disruption, and success.

Choosing a location is one of the biggest decisions a site selector or leader makes for a company, and our experience has taught us that there are six main factors key in determining what spaces and communities are right for your company, plus some questions people ask during their selection processes:

Talent and Inclusivity: Will you find the right people? Is the community diverse and supportive?

Lifestyle and Culture: What’s special about the location that draws and keeps talent here? What would work-life balance look like in your new home?

Location and Real Estate: Will the space be what you need? Is the location central enough to make travel easy? Are there opportunities for collaboration in the area?

Capital and Growth: Are investors active here? What does the pathway to growth and expansion look like for startups? And what about for larger-cap companies?

Community and Infrastructure: What is the economic outlook for your new location? What does the five-year plan for growth look like in the area? What about ten years out?

Costs and Incentive: What is the cost of living here? How does this location make doing business easier?

This list of questions is just a start of the research that businesses need to do when considering where to put down roots, and we’re happy to report that answers to all of these questions and more are included in our new eBook.

Inside you’ll find out that, for more than 20 years, Fitzsimons Innovation Community has been a natural choice for health innovators to grow their organizations. Here we’ve watched startups scale and grow, large companies branch out into the Colorado marketplace, and discoverers and scientists of all kinds bring their ideas to market. And along the way, all of these companies find out a couple of important things. One: Colorado is just plain awesome. And two: Fitzsimons Innovation Community is a thriving, collaborative village where people live, work, play, grow, and collaborate.

Navigating a build or relocation is a big deal, and we understand the intricacies of it from start to finish. We love talking to potential and future Community members about why Fitzsimons could and should be their home and what the future can hold here. From custom builds to move-in-ready lab space, from office space for one or two people to acres of available development, from that first hint of inspiration to a product live in the marketplace, the experts here at Fitzsimons Innovation Community know what goes into life sciences success.

For answers to all your questions about making Fitzsimons Innovation Community your new home, please download our new eBook here or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find your home.

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