CBSA Annual Awards Dinner Celebrates the Life of Adam Rubenstein

Adam Rubenstein
Entrepreneur, Mentor, Former CEO of Articulus Bio

Adam lived his life with the fullness and passion of a true entrepreneur, a group that he loved to be around and serve. From his early days at the CU Tech Transfer office until his later days when he had lost much of his capacity for movement, his eyes lit up at the mention or discussion of a new drug, device, app, or some other technology that had the potential of making a difference in our lives.

One mantra in modern entrepreneurism today is “give before you get.” Adam just gave, and he got joy from seeing others succeed. “Help everyone in every way,” he would say. “Every day is a gift,” he would say. He would listen to you intently. If he could, he would kindly offer you an idea or more commonly a trusted contact he had who could help you in your pursuits.

Adam loved interacting with people in a deep and meaningful way.

Bioscience was his domain, mankind was his business. He was always interested not only in your business, but even more so in how your family life, or friendships, or how your sports teams were doing, and how you were feeling about it.

Adam put a lot of energy and a lot of his soul into nurturing the bioscience community in Colorado— to say nothing of his tech pursuits outside the life sciences. He innately appreciated that collaboration happens at the speed at which trust is built within relationships.

We would like to honor this legacy of a man of tremendous character who touched so many people, and embodied many of the core characteristics of Colorado Bioscience. Our community is all the better because of Adam.

He is missed.

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Adam Rubenstein