Weekly Policy Update: CBSA Provides Feedback on New Proposal for Antimicrobial Drug Development

Senator Michael Bennet is planning to introduce legislation that would create new incentives for the development of innovative antimicrobial drugs, called the Pioneering Antimicrobial Subscriptions to End Up Surging Resistance (PASTEUR) Act. The proposal could play a critical role in driving sustainable investment in antimicrobial resistance products, particularly at a time when action is urgently needed to prevent more companies from failing or exiting the space.

The market for antimicrobial products faces unique challenges. This is because generally the profit from a new drug is related to the number of patients who take it, but for antimicrobial products, increased use of a drug will ultimately lead to resistance. So new drugs are actually intended to have limited use, which undermines the normal incentives for manufacturers to invest in the development of new products.

Senator Bennet’s PASTEUR Act would create new incentives through a subscription reimbursement model, in which the federal government would enter into a subscription contract with a drug developer if they receive a ‘critical need antimicrobial’ designation. While the legislation is still in an early stage, CBSA is encouraged that it could be an effective strategy to promote the development of new antimicrobial medications to fight drug-resistant infections.

Today CBSA submitted comments to Senator Bennet, outlining our appreciation for his leadership in this space and offering recommendations for how the bill can be strengthened.

Read CBSA’s comment letter here.

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