CereHealth Corporation Names James Chomas, Ph.D., as New CEO

Dr. Chomas brings an added level of industry firepower to CereHealth’s accelerated growth and capital investment plans for its innovative brands of medical technology.

DENVER, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CereHealth Corp., a data analytics technology company that provides Medical Analytics as a Service, announced today the addition of James Chomas, Ph.D. as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Chomas will work closely with John Kelley, who has served as CereHealth’s CEO since 2009 and driven the company’s evolution from a single site brain imaging clinic to a nationwide neurodiagnostic network and leader in advanced CNS data analytics and technologies. Mr. Kelley will transition to the role of Executive Director and continue serving as Chair of the Board. He will continue to have direct involvement in the company’s strategies to bring its browser-based, cloud-enabled imaging and data analytics platforms, CereMetrixAi™ and iLLUMEAi, to a global market.

James Chomas is a seasoned executive with a record of achievement in startup leadership, investor relations, product development, and FDA approvals in the healthcare industry. In 2009, he founded Surefire Medical (now TriSalus Life Sciences), a company that develops innovative oncology drug delivery systems. As CEO he led the company from concept through commercialization while raising $55m in venture capital. Under his leadership the company was able to accelerate product development for market entry, launching its direct-to-tumor infusion system in less than two years, which was followed by robust sales growth and adoption in hundreds of major cancer centers in the US and Europe. His team completed multiple high impact clinical trials, which became the foundation for successful CMS reimbursement. He also directed the company’s shift to a successful pharmaceutical partnership model prior to leaving the organization in 2018. Prior positions as Director of Research at Cabochon Aesthetics and Senior Engineering Manager for Siemen’s Healthcare, where he led several high-profile imaging innovation products through development and launch, contribute to the keen insight he offers on CereHealth’s imaging and data analytics product suite.

“Several years ago, Jim was introduced to CereHealth when our technologies were in an early stage of development,” said John Kelley. “He immediately recognized the potential scientific and commercial impact that our data and analytics could have in business- and consumer-based healthcare applications. We are fortunate to have his results-driven expertise supporting our efforts at this critical stage in CereHealth’s history.”

Dr. Chomas is widely acknowledged as a skilled leader of people, a translator of strategy into actionable and quantitative plans, and an inventor of intellectual property who is effective at building high performing leadership teams and working with boards of directors. His experience in identifying innovative solutions with strong profit potential, developing new markets, and organizing investors to maximize impact will be of immediate benefit to CereHealth as it positions itself to optimize market opportunities for its proprietary technologies.

About CereHealth

CereHealth is a technology company that provides Medical Analytics as a Service (MAaaS), enabling doctors, research scientists and healthcare experts to apply Precision Medicine and individualized patient care to their practice with pinpoint accuracy. 

CereHealth has two novel data analytics platforms:
CereMetrixAi, a leader in quantitative imaging analysis and biomarkers for central nervous system disorders, , and iLLUMEAi, which utilizes graph technology to create correlations among complex medical datasets using high-performance computing for advanced multivariable analysis. 

For more information on CereMetrix Ai, or to schedule a demo of our innovative technologies please visit us at CereMetrix Ai.

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