Cleanroom World Opens Training Center


Colorado-Based Controlled Environment Supplier Provides Fully-Operational Cleanroom Training Center for Industry Specific Needs

Cleanroom World has announced the opening of its on-site training facility. With over thirty years of supporting and supplying controlled environment equipment and materials to the multi-disciplined industry, the need for adequately trained personnel has been recognized. To fulfill this need, a fully operational cleanroom has been constructed within the company’s training center, built to provide a hands-on, industry-relevant cleanroom/controlled environment training experience, valuable to regulated (FDA, USP, etc.) and non-regulated clean manufacturing industries.

Cleanroom World Training Center was created to support the various clean manufacturing industries. Attendees will learn about cleanrooms and controlled environments, particle counts and use particle counters to demonstrate particle cleanliness. Clean and controlled environmental issues such as ESD will be presented, as well as mitigation through use of ionization equipment, and other dissipative items such as ESD mats and gowning materials. The center will also present proper cleanroom behaviors, cleaning methods using cleanroom wipers, vacuums and chemicals designed specifically for use within clean and controlled environments. Additionally, industry subject matter experts will present interactive regulatory and compliance-focused sessions, allowing for questions to be addressed as they arise.

Cleanroom World continues to provide quality products and services to its customers, on a global basis. The training center further emphasizes the company’s desire to serve the clean and controlled environment manufacturing industries by preparing current and future controlled environment personnel with technical skills, knowledge and experience, enabling them to confidently fill the industry’s work-force needs.

For more information, class schedules and further details, click on or call 303-752-0076.

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