CNBC Covers the Growth of Life Sciences in Colorado

Story Emphasizes Record Investment, Top Talent, Innovative Research Collaborations, and Investments in Lab Space

A glimpse inside the Center for Drug Discovery at CU Anschutz Medical Campus, led by Dr. Dan LaBarbera (right), with the aim of accelerating the
process from drug discovery to delivery for patients. (CNBC)

Recently, Colorado BioScience Association collaborated with CNBC to champion our community and share our success stories. The resulting coverage emphasizes our ecosystem’s momentum, including record funding, top talent, innovative collaborations with our leading academic and research institutions, and investments in lab space.

“Investors from Colorado as well as across the coasts are seeing opportunities here,” said Elyse Blazevich, president and CEO of the Colorado Bioscience Association. “Our ecosystem has raised in excess of a billion dollars for the past seven consecutive years — and early-stage funding in Colorado in 2023 grew faster than other life sciences markets around the country.”

The story also includes interviews with:

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CNBC Profile of Colorado Co-Founder Featured on Homepage  

Camila Uzcategui, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of Vitro 3D, shown during her presentation to investors at the 2022 Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Investor & Partnering Conference, shared her steps for success and motivation to give back in CNBC’s In Pursuit of Success: Stories of Ambition and Achievement.  

“My passion for innovation led me to pursue a Ph.D., specializing in 3D printing for tissue engineering and regeneration. During this journey, I contributed to the development of technology that has the potential to create synthetic human organs, a breakthrough with far-reaching implications.” – Camila Uzcategui, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder, Vitro 3D

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