Colorado Life Sciences Leaders Meet with Governor Jared Polis

Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) brought leaders from Colorado’s life sciences community together to meet with Governor Polis, Lt. Governor Primavera, and their staff.  The group had the opportunity to share their priorities and discuss how we can accelerate the growth of our ecosystem.  

Governor Polis stressed the economic impact and growth of Colorado’s life sciences ecosystem and highlighted the importance of attracting more capital to the state. He also emphasized the importance of growing a skilled life sciences workforce. The Governor commended the leaders on our ecosystem’s efforts around COVID-19 and the work to save and change lives around the world.   

Company leaders emphasized one of CBSA’s top priorities, Capital + Growth and the impact of state-funded programs and incentives like the Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program and the Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit. They also talked about how important it is to maintain a supportive business environment, which is a huge reason why companies choose to relocate or grow in Colorado.

There was also discussion about the need for continued investment in higher education and workforce development in order to successfully foster ecosystem growth. Workforce cultivation is a top priority for the Association and focus of the Colorado BioScience Institute.  It was great to hear from companies who highlighted specific workforce programs that have launched in Colorado and who are actively cultivating a talented and robust workforce for life sciences.

CBSA and our members appreciate Governor Polis and Lt. Governor Primavera’s leadership and support of our ecosystem. We look forward to partnering with their administration to create and sustain a pro-innovation environment for life sciences.

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