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    Governor Polis issued a statewide stay at home order that went into effect on March 26 and will continue through April 11. The order requires everyone in Colorado to stay in their place of residence, except for certain necessary activities, essential travel, critical businesses, or critical government functions.

    Read the full executive order.

    Certain businesses that qualify as a “Critical Business” are exempt from this mandate. This includes companies and organizations in the sciences, including:

    • Research and laboratory services
    • Medical wholesale and distribution
    • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
    • Blood banks
    • Medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers, including durable medical equipment technicians and suppliers
    • Veterinary care and livestock services

    You can see the complete list of exemptions in the Public Health Order here.

    You view the FAQs here.

    The state of Colorado has also created a self-certification form for critical businesses. The document is voluntary and was merely created to assist critical businesses and law enforcement to comply with public health orders.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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