CPC Works to Propel Beyond Research, Engage Community Directly

CPC is a non-profit, mission-driven Academic Research Organization (ARO) that supports all phases of clinical research. Their academically led team provides fullservice support, offering scientific oversight, full-service clinical research, and collaborative support.  The impact goes beyond research and continues into community implementation through their Community Health programs.

CBSA Vice President, Emily Roberts, asked Marc Bonaca, M.D., M.P.H., Executive Director of CPC, CBSA’s Key Questions for Life Sciences Innovators.

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In 2019, CPC staff provides health screenings to the community.

Q: Tell us about your company or organization.

A: CPC is experienced in clinical trial design, oversight, and management including registration trials (Phase I-IV), real-world data, and pragmatic trials. Our proximity to the University of Colorado School of Medicine enables experienced faculty in a diverse group of specialties to spend time both at the University and at CPC. Our faculty members are on the cutting edge of scientific, clinical and regulatory developments. As a mission-driven non-profit organization, we exist to improve health through innovative science and community engagement. Through our Community Health Programs, we develop innovative and evidence-based health promotion programs, interactive health technology, and community partnerships to help win the fight against cardiovascular disease in Colorado.

Q: Describe your team culture. How does your culture shape what your company or organization produces or offers?

A: Our culture is exciting, innovative, and based on teamwork. We select projects that bring us opportunities to innovate in research and for the community. This common drive to see our mission fulfilled leads us to collaborate across departments, show appreciation through public recognitions at monthly staff meetings, carve out time to get to know one another outside of the work environment, and work with excitement every day.

Q: What are you working on right now?

A: The CPC team works hard on a variety of exciting projects ranging from traditional clinical research management, to pragmatic trial designs. We are leading two registration pathway trials for novel agents to improve outcomes in COVID-19. Our community health programs are providing CVD health screenings, referrals, education, and health coaching to individuals in under-resourced communities in metro Denver. CPC is also working on the study design of pragmatic trials, which evaluates the effectiveness of interventions in real-world healthcare systems. This provides us with real-world data, which leads us to be even more effective in our implementation of science projects currently underway.

Q: How will your work save or change lives?

A: The research led and disseminated by CPC has impacted the practice of medicine, giving patients around the world the potential to receive more effective care. Most recently, CPC was part of the leadership of the VOYAGER PAD trial. The VOYAGER PAD study demonstrated that low dose rivaroxaban plus aspirin significantly reduces the risk of major adverse limb and cardiovascular events in peripheral artery disease (PAD) patients undergoing intervention. This landmark trial has been used to advance the best practices that get provided to PAD patients.

Q: How has COVID-19 impacted your company or organization?

A: A tremendous amount of innovation has emerged out of the solutions needed concerning COVID-19. We quickly equipped our team members to work 100% remotely when needed, and have been enjoying the ability to return to work at our new office space. We’ve found innovative solutions to provide virtual monitoring visits and trainings. CPC is better positioned than ever to provide innovative excellence in clinical research.

Q: CBSA champions a collaborative life sciences ecosystem because we are #stongertogether. How has being an active participant in our life sciences community supported your success?

A: As an active participant in CBSA, we have benefited from incredible partnerships, new relationships, and connected communication. We’ve partnered with CBSA to help us promote exciting company news, attended networking events that lead to fantastic collaborations, and are enriched by the ongoing content that CBSA provides to the life sciences ecosystem.

Being based at the Fitzsimons Innovation Community is more than a location, it really is a community that encourages the kind of innovation that will have real impact on patient lives.

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