CSU Receives $2 Million Grant to Help Prevent Future Pandemics

Building on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado State University has received a $2 million commitment from The Anschutz Foundation to further the development of new solutions for building resilience and agility in stopping infectious disease transmission among animals and people.

The grant is to be funded over two years and will be used to sponsor new interdisciplinary research teams and diverse graduate students, and it will fund one of the first comprehensive cyber biosecurity programs to protect health data in the nation.

CSU leaders say increasing diversity in these teams and graduate students will be an important component of the gift, building greater equity in the response to infectious disease. Increasing greater participation among first-generation Colorado students will also be a goal of the investments made in building a diverse future workforce.

“This gift is a vote of confidence in the work that we’ve already done in preventing and minimizing the devastating impact that the transmission of disease between humans and animals can have, as we’ve seen in the past 16 months,” said CSU President Joyce McConnell. “We are so thankful for this gift because it will advance our efforts in this area on several fronts, and it will be transformational in our ability to meet future public health challenges.”

Find out more in the CSU press release.

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