Cutting-Edge Discoveries In Action

Fitzsimons Innovation Community members are working on world-changing developments in bioscience and healthcare, and they’re doing it in workspace customized to their projects.

It’s been a remarkable year for the Community—new patents, scientific breakthroughs, workforce growth, capital raises, and strategic partnerships contribute to the collective impact. Fitzsimons Innovation Community is proud
of these accomplishments and looks forward to sharing more about what’s driving momentum in the new year

25M+ Capital Raised

Companies attracted more than $25 million in investments to advance R&D, accelerate commercialization, support clinical trials, and fine-tune technology.

12+ Patents

Companies received more than 12 patents for their innovations, a 50% increase over the prior year.

16+ New Innovations

Companies introduced more than 16 new innovations to the market, from pharmaceuticals tomolecularbiology to medical devices.

35% Companies Forging Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships evolved from primarily research collaborations to deployment, manufacturing, and accounting partnerships as companies advanced their innovations.

61% Companies Making Discoveries

Major breakthrough discoveries in pharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy, medical devices, molecular biology, and diagnostics.

91% Companies Thriving

Majority of companies reported either no change to workforce or added employees.

92% Companies Satisfied

Companies appreciate access to resources, opportunities to interact, proximity to research institutions, and the value offered by Community membership.

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