Enveda Biosciences Adds Drug Development Leaders to Scale Efforts and Accelerate Progress

Enveda Biosciences, a leading biotechnology company harnessing nature’s chemistry to develop next-generation small molecule therapies, today announced the addition of three leaders to further scale and accelerate its translational drug development efforts. Drs. John Wetterau, Kendra Hightower and Don Hertzog will play a vital role in validating and advancing the growing number of pathways, targets and leads identified by Enveda’s natural chemistry drug discovery engine.

“Our priority during the past few years has been to build our one-of-a-kind platform to catalog and annotate nature’s chemistry at scale,” said Viswa Colluru, Ph.D., Enveda’s founder and CEO. “Now we must effectively manage and maximize the many high-potential therapeutic compounds that we are discovering with it. John, Kendra and Don are scientists and leaders who understand the challenges of global drug development and the nuanced requirements for any compound to ultimately find success. We are delighted to welcome them to Enveda. They will be invaluable to our efforts.”

Find out more in the press release.

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