Changing the Game for a Thriving Local Economy

Fitzsimons Innovation Community awarded for work in economic vitality

Last month, the Adams County Regional Economic Partnership (AC-REP) hosted its second annual Gamechangers Awards event. This event celebrates organizations in the region that have had a positive impact on the Adams County economy, and Fitzsimons Innovation Community was honored to be among the recipients. Introduced in 2022, this year AC-REP honored organizations and individuals in four awards categories: Innovation, Inclusivity, Sustainability, and Economic Vitality. We recently spoke to Lisa Hough, President and CEO of AC-REP, about her organization and what these awards mean—both for the recipients and for the region.

The Adams County Regional Economic Partnership was born in 2020 as a merger of the Metro North Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Economic Development non-profit organization. These two groups joined with a mission of supporting businesses, communities, and citizens in the region.

AC-REP actively works to attract community investors, support local businesses, and improve infrastructure so organizations can create jobs and continue to stimulate economic activity, with one of their key goals being to enhance the overall quality of life in the region. They do this by working to provide better educational opportunities, improved transportation infrastructure, and expanding housing options. AC-REP leadership knows the key to a full-circle approach is when the benefits of economic development can be felt by all community members. To ensure these developments continue, AC-REP wanted to find a way to recognize organizations embodying these values. Enter the Gamechanger Awards.

Hough explains that the Gamechanger Awards are given to organizations and projects on the cutting edge of technology and innovations that allow the Adams County region to thrive economically. “I truly believe these winners showcase the best of the Greater Adams County Region,” she said. “By highlighting the successes of innovators, we’re not only acknowledging contributions to the economy, but also inspiring others to pursue creative solutions to challenges. This program is about building a community of forward thinkers who share insights and drive opportunities. The Gamechangers Awards raise awareness about our region’s economic dynamics and how to attract both investment and talent to our area, and we believe by shining a light on today’s Gamechangers, we’re paving the way for tomorrow’s economic success stories.”

At the 2023 Gamechangers Awards, Fitzsimons Innovation Community received the Economic Vitality award. “Fitzsimons Innovation Community is honored to be named a 2023 Gamechanger in Economic Vitality. Our Community allows life sciences companies to take their discoveries and projects from idea to market. Health innovators gain momentum here. This recognition reinforces that the work we’re doing is important to Adams County and to patients around the world,” said April Giles, Vice President of Business Development for Fitzsimons Innovation Community.

Fitzsimons Innovation Community was chosen for this award based on the transformation of the Community in the region and our impact on the economic landscape. Hough told us that the Fitzsimons leadership, projects, and innovations were key in the selection for this award. Says Hough, “The job creation and increased investment that Fitzsimons Innovation Community has brought to Adams County, those numbers don’t lie. But I think what is really unique—the part that really makes Fitzsimons a Gamechanger—is the impact on quality of life.”

She goes on to explain that the Community is more than just new buildings, it’s part of a larger ecosystem and lifestyle. “The way Fitzsimons is building community on its campus is exactly what you want to see when you’re trying to bring economic vitality to a region. Fitzsimons Innovation Community serves as a great example for other organizations looking to build a community clustered around another industry. Bringing all those amenities for talent, education, lifestyle, and investment together is really just amazing.” Hough says.

For the Adams County Regional Economic Partnership, innovation is a crucial part of their mission, strategy, and goals for the region. They focus on nurturing research and development, encouraging technology advancements, and facilitating collaboration between academia and industry because they know those elements are key in making a region competitive. It’s no coincidence that those same values and goals are the foundation of the Fitzsimons Innovation Community mission, and our partnership with AC-REP and pride in accepting our Gamechangers Award just solidifies those ideals.

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