Fitzsimons Innovation Community – Building a Life Sciences Pipeline: Room to Grow

For the past few months, the Fitzsimons Innovation Community blog has been focused on how and why Colorado is such a great home for growing life sciences organizations. This month’s topic is the benefits and amenities the Community offers to the bioscience and healthcare companies on campus.

Growing with ease at Fitzsimons Innovation Community.

For the past few months, we’ve been talking about how and why Colorado is such a great home for growing life sciences organizations. This month, we want to look at some of the benefits and amenities we offer to the bioscience and healthcare companies on our campus specifically. And since we’re located in the heart of Denver’s fast-growing metro area, all the previously mentioned benefits of living and working in Colorado are automatically included when your business calls Fitzsimons Innovation Community home.

Let’s say you’re the owner of a brand-new medical device company. You’ve made a discovery and developed a tool that could potentially make the everyday for physicians and patients easier––maybe even save lives. It’s just you and one other researcher, and you need space for testing and development before you start to scale. Your future is bright, but it’s also unpredictable.

Or maybe you’re the founder and CEO of a pharmaceutical company and you have a pretty good idea about what your next five years look like and how you’ll grow. You have about 50 employees, so you need office space, lab space, and possibly some manufacturing and warehousing options. You’ll need conference rooms and a cafeteria, too. Plus, you want your staff to have the option of living close to work and having a great balance between the office and an adventurous Colorado lifestyle.

Or what if you’re a Vice President of a Fortune 500 healthcare company looking for a central location for a large new satellite office? You’re focused on finding a city with a strong economy, highly educated talent pool, and a lot of buzz around scientific research and development. You’re probably going to need a lot of space with custom options and great benefits that will encourage relocation. And parking. Lots of parking.

It might sound impossible, but there are ideal homes for all these companies here at Fitzsimons Innovation Community, plus so many more. For some companies, our pre-built options make the most sense, while we’re able to custom build spaces that fit the more specific needs of some of our other Community members. And the best part is that we can grow with you—even if you end up growing faster than you anticipated.

Many of our current Community members have outgrown their initial leases before the contract was up. In many lab and office spaces this would create a major logistical problem for a growing company, a problem that would likely cost them a lot of money and manpower to solve. Fitzsimons Innovation Community encourages that growth, and we are always willing to work with organizations to make sure they have the space on our campus that works and grows with them, whether it’s in one of our existing five Bioscience buildings or even if it ends up being custom development on the vast acreage we still have available.

Foresight Diagnostics is a company that has reaped the benefits of growing at Fitzsimons Innovation Community. CEO, Jake Chabon, Ph.D. told us, “Since joining Fitzsimons Innovation Community, we’ve been able to operationalize our company, become a registered CLIA laboratory, hire and expand our team, and start generating data in less than six months.”

Foresight Diagnostics initially began their lease in our Bioscience 1 building, but realized quickly that they were growing fast and would need additional space. Under the mentorship of Fitzsimons Innovation Community leaders, they were able to create a CLIA lab space in Bioscience 2 and relocate into that building without losing momentum in their growth. Dr. Chabon tells us, “Part of what we’ve been able to achieve because of joining Fitzsimons Innovation Community is the speed with which we’ve been able to scale. We were able to operationalize quickly and then move into a larger lab space that suited our needs within the first year of our lease. We would not have been able to do either of those two things this quickly without being part of Fitzsimmons Innovation Community.”

Fitzsimons Innovation Community isn’t just lab and office space to rent. The Community aspect is an important part of what makes this campus special. We have a world-class medical and academic facility right across the street, bringing opportunities for collaboration, recruiting, and discovery, plus access to the living space, schools, and amenities that make people want to live where they work. Fitzsimons Innovation Community is designed to be a place where companies grow, employees thrive, and success is a something that happens every day. The organizations that already call our Community home experience a level of flexibility, mentorship, and access that make achieving their dreams a real possibility, and there’s room for more. We can’t wait to see who arrives next.

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