GelSana Therapeutics Wins UNC Entrepreneurial Challenge

The University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business has announced the winners of the 2022 Entrepreneurial Challenge. After making improvements to their business plans based on judges’ feedback in the semifinals, five Open Division participants and five Collegiate Division participants presented their pitches in the finals on Mar. 9.

GelSana Therapeutics won 1st place ($11,000) – GelSana Therapeutics is addressing this need with its proprietary wound healing hydrogels that help heal tissue significantly faster and without the downsides of today’s dressings. Our strategy is to develop this superior line of wound dressings, introducing our first product under a medical device classification. Future generations of GelSana products can include drugs which are released over time, as these hydrogels have a demonstrated ability to continuously deliver therapeutics, and we have demonstrated in animal studies that diabetic wound healing time is cut by 1/2 with drug-laden hydrogels.

Find out more in the UNC article.

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