Introducing Amy Berenbaum Goodman

Colorado BioScience Association is thrilled to welcome Amy Berenbaum Goodman to our team in a newly expanded role, Vice President and Counsel for Policy + Advocacy. 

Amy Berenbaum Goodman
Vice President and Counsel, Policy + Advocacy

An attorney who holds a Master of Bioethics, Amy will develop strategies to support a pro-business environment for health innovation in Colorado. She will champion issues critical to the ecosystem, including Capital + Growth, workforce cultivation, favorable tax and regulatory policies, incentives for innovation, and patient access to healthcare innovation. Colorado BioScience Association is thrilled to welcome Amy. 

Our President & CEO, Elyse Blazevich, spoke to Amy about her background and new role.  

Elyse Blazevich
President and CEO

Q. Elyse: Why is now the right moment to join Colorado BioScience Association? 

A. Amy: After spending the past four years as the Senior Director of Policy for the Colorado Medical Society focused on health policy issues that affect physicians and the patients they serve, I’m excited to shift my focus upstream to the forces that foster a robust life sciences ecosystem that promotes health innovation.

Q. Elyse: What excites you about building a pro-business environment for health innovation?  

A. Amy: I’ve always been interested in how the life sciences improve our lives and our health and I’m excited to be able to play a role in helping Colorado businesses do that incredibly important work. As a Colorado native, I take special pride in seeing the state establish itself as a hub for life sciences innovation that attracts businesses, investment, and talent from across the country.  

Q. Elyse: How will your background in healthcare law and bioethics inform your leadership of Policy + Advocacy for CBSA?  

A. Amy: My background in health law/policy and bioethics (as well as regulatory compliance and health economics) has given me a unique perspective on the policy issues that affect the life sciences community and the public at large. When analyzing these policy issues and developing strategies to approach them, my evaluation involves a combination of legal, policy, practical, and ethical considerations and I can look at both the impact on the life sciences community and on public health.

Q. Elyse: What energizes you about supporting the health and growth of Colorado’s life sciences ecosystem through Policy + Advocacy?  

A. Amy: Supporting the health and growth of Colorado’s life sciences ecosystem energizes me because every single one of us benefits from life sciences innovation. Colorado life sciences companies and institutions are doing fascinating, important work and it’s exciting to play a role in supporting it. I’m also passionate about contributing to my home state in meaningful ways while promoting a commitment to science and evidence-based policies that improves all of our lives.  

Q. Elyse: What are three words you use to describe yourself?  

A. Amy: Purpose-driven professional 

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