LabXchange Provides Value: Colorado BioScience Institute and Amgen Foundation Support Teacher Trainings in Colorado

Through the generous support of the Amgen Foundation, the Colorado BioScience Institute collaborates with Harvard University’s LabXchange to provide teacher trainings in Colorado. LabXchange sat down with 2022 Colorado Teacher of the Year Autumn Rivera to discuss how LabXchange provides access to resources for her and other rural teachers. Autumn is a 6th grade science teacher at Glenwood Springs Middle School in Roaring Fork School District.

“LabXchange offers opportunities for students and teachers to have the same learning experiences regardless of location or resources. Living in a less densely populated area, the opportunity to have access to these learning libraries and tools as a teacher is transformative. Rural teachers now have the ability to bring more ways of teaching into the classroom, including during virtual learning, that greatly benefit our students.”

Read the interview on the LabXchange website.

Thank you to the Amgen Foundation for the generous support of STEM education in Colorado and for the commitment to advance excellence in science education to inspire the next generation of innovators. Thank you Autumn for championing LabXchange and providing your rural students with accessibility and knowledge!

Autumn Rivera, 6th Grade Teacher, Glenwood Springs Middle School in Roaring Fork School District
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