Millennials in Colorado

Expanding our Workforce, Inspiring Our Companies

Colorado boasts the fastest-growing Millennial population in the United States. This large demographic group is generally recognized as Americans born between 1980 and 1999. They are young adults just hitting their career stride.

In Metro Denver, more than 43 percent of residents hold a bachelor’s degree or better. While Colorado attracts Millennials from all over the world, our state is also known for its homegrown talent.A robust educational system—from preschool to post-doctorate—prepares a workforce that’s well matched to the evolving needs of today’s workplace.

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Those young, highly-educated workers often put down permanent roots in Colorado. The state’s combination of health, family and career opportunities offer a balanced life.

A concentration of high-tech digital health companies draws inspiration from the balanced Colorado lifestyle to help Millennials and people of all generations manage their health. The trend started with a drive to track and quantify fitness, exercise and diet. Now, technology reflects wellness interests and supports active lifestyles.

Digital Health and Wellness Companies

LEO Technologies, Centennial: DevelopsLeoSense, a system of sensors and apps for managing individual hydration through automatic, continuous, biometric monitoring.

RXAssurance, Denver: Creates companion applications for healthcare providers and patients called RxAdvisor and RxCompanion to maximize treatment outcomes.

Welltok, Denver: Operates the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform – a system to help health plans and other population health managers to guide and incentivize consumers to optimize their health.

Telsano, Aurora: Captures, tracks and monitors personal biometric information, and aggregates it with segmented body composition analysis to promote wellness and preventive health services.

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