Nymbl Science Releases Their August Update

Below please find an overview of our progress for the month of August:

• We continue to move forward towards closing out our round. We have about $235k remaining with 4 angel pitches lined up in the next two weeks.

• We are excited to announce 3 new senior living customers and 2 successful implementations where greater than 25% of residents are actively participating.

• We remain on track for 3 Medicare Advantage plan launches on January 1.

• We have seen a doubling of the average number of weekly users across our Senior Living accounts. One new account has 61 weekly participants.

Two asks this time, both focused on sales talent:

• Introductions to any sales people who have enterprise/mid-market SaaS experience and would be interested in working with Nymbl, either on a short term contract basis or as a full-time hire.

• Introductions to anyone willing to advise us on enterprise SaaS sales.

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