Prima-Temp Awarded Groundbreaking Patent Using Artificial Intelligence For Ovulation Prediction

Prima-Temp, Inc., a leader in developing digital health solutions through chronobiology, has been awarded a patent recognizing its innovative approach to applying artificial intelligence (AI) to women’s fertility. U.S. Pat. No. 10,828,015, issued November 10, 2020, describes technology that applies AI to ovulation prediction. The patent is part of an intellectual property portfolio that Prima-Temp is building in the U.S. and in international markets.

“This patent strengthens our positioning as a leader in the developing field of bioinformatics, and protects our investment in advancing digital health technologies for women’s fertility challenges,” says Prima-Temp CEO Steve Hane. “More than 6 million women in the U.S. alone struggle with infertility.i Our technology can help them more accurately predict ovulation to maximize their chances of conception.”

Prima-Temp applies its patented AI technology to the measurement of a powerful circadian biomarker – continuous core body temperature (CCBT) – to identify predictive patterns in physiologies. The patent also applies to other methods of temperature measurement. Women receive personalized predictions that empower them to make more informed healthcare decisions. The first application of this technology, the Priya® Personal Fertility System, delivers a unique, precise, and high-convenience fertility management experience for ovulation prediction and clinical diagnostic support. Other applications under research include contraception.

“We saw that women had a need that was not being met. Only 30% of women ovulate within the time frame suggested by clinical guidelines and currently available products are messy, inconvenient and can be inaccurate depending on how they are used,” says Prima-Temp Chief Medical Officer Dr. Wade W. Webster.ii “Every woman’s body is different; our technology provides data in real-time that is more precise than currently available ovulation prediction tools.”

About Prima-Temp

Prima-Temp uses real time biometric data, provided in the context of an engaged community, to support healthcare decisions and better health outcomes. Our solutions include the Priya® Personal Fertility System and Kindara®. Priya delivers a unique, precise, and high-convenience fertility management experience for ovulation prediction and clinical diagnostic support. Kindara is an award-winning health engagement platform, data interface, and robust community that has been used by more than 1.6 million women worldwide. For more information about our solutions, visit For more information about Prima-Temp, visit

ii Wilcox, A. J., et. al. 2000. Bmj, 321(7271), 1259-1262

SOURCE Prima-Temp

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