RxRevu Unveils New SwiftRx® Platform at 36th Annual J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference

RxRevu, the industry leader in Prescription Decision Support, will unveil its new SwiftRx® platform while attending the 36th Annual J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference on January 8th in San Francisco, CA. Building on RxRevu’s proven success, this unique and revolutionary platform helps doctors choose which drug to prescribe through a proprietary guidance-based approach that considers the patients real-time cost and evidence-based clinical recommendations. The SwiftRx® platform is also the first to prospectively complete electronic prior authorizations (ePA) for prescriptions, eliminating a huge frustration of providers that has plagued the industry for years.

By assessing and combining a variety of factors, this easy-to-use, integrated and elegant tool allows doctors to search by drug, by diagnosis or review a patient’s existing medications, all within one convenient system embedded within the electronic health record.

“With SwiftRx®, physicians can get the most detailed information about a patient’s medications options, through a more efficient and time-saving workflow,” says Carm Huntress, CEO of RxRevu. “We’re improving the value of healthcare by showing providers the real-time cost of medications in a workflow that prescribers love. By providing all of this information in one centralized and customizable app, SwiftRx® enables more informed and consistent prescribing decisions and improves the patient experience.”

The J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference is the premiere healthcare industry investor conference and runs January 8-11, 2018. For more information about SwiftRx® and Prescription Decision Support, visit rxrevu.com.

To speak with an RxRevu representative about how SwiftRx® leads to better prescribing and a better patient experience, contact Christina Vandre or Conny Bergerson at 612-924-3780.

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