Securisyn Medical Awarded Fourth Air Force Contract for Innovation

Securisyn Medical, LLC, dedicated to inspiring the world to collaborate to make airway management safer, announced today that the United States Air Force (USAF) has awarded the Company a $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract under Special Topics in the 19.2 Cycle through AFWERX and Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC). The contract was awarded during the AFLCMC Special Operations Forces Pitch Day in Dayton, OH. Under the contract, Securisyn will prototype and refine a chest tube securement device based on the Company’s proprietary integrated restraint system (IRS) technology and design concept, SolidAIRity™ CT. The prototype device will be designed to meet the needs of providers throughout the continuum of care in Air Force and civilian health care systems.

“SolidAIRity™ CT is a natural extension of our interlocking tube securement technology which we initially applied to endotracheal tubes,” said Greg Letendre, Securisyn’s VP of Business Development for the Federal Sector, a USAFA graduate and former Air Force officer. “With our fourth Air Force SBIR award, we are developing an innovative device that is critical to a lifesaving procedure for our warfighters and civilians and the Air Force has become a vital partner for bringing our technologies from the bench to the patient. When smooth tubes are secured with adhesives, sutures or other methods that try to grab the tube, movement or dislodgement can occur and cause serious patient harm.  Securisyn is committed to continued innovation and design of better smooth tube securement devices until we see an end to this significant problem in patient care.”

Dr. Shean Phelps, a Securisyn Advisory Board Member and retired U.S. Army Special Operations physician added “as a 30-year veteran of combat medicine, it is gratifying to see the U.S Air Force fund a project critical not only to the treatment of warfighters, improving their outcomes following injury, but potentially saving untold numbers of lives in the civilian community as well. In my career as a combat physician, I all too often experienced the inherent challenges of smooth tube placement and securement under some of the most austere conditions imaginable. SolidAIRity™ CT and Securisyn’s flagship for endotracheal tubes, SolidAIRity™ III, directly address these challenges and will deliver peace of mind to medical providers that they can have properly placed and secured smooth tubes, freeing them to focus on other interventions aimed at saving lives on and off the battlefield.”

The innovative U.S. Air Force SBIR program, Special Topics AF192-001, is designed to serve the technology needs of the Air Force warfighter. These programs, together with the people who manage them, accomplish this as part of the Air Force’s technology development efforts to identify and provide advanced, affordable, and integrated technologies that keep our Air Force the best in the world. “This is not the usual pace of the United States government,” Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said at a recent event speaking to a room of business owners and investors. “The bottom line is we need you and the creativity that you bring.”

SolidAIRity™ uses a patented interlocking restraint system to secure a patient’s life-sustaining endotracheal tube and protect the patient from harm through accidental movement or worse — removal of the tube, especially during evacuation or transportwhen the risk of losing a tube is much greater.. Current methods available to  medical providers for tube securement are inadequate and often time intensive.  Even in the most controlled environment, these approaches of gripping a smooth, slippery plastic tube, sch as adhesives, or sutures, don’t work and never have. 

Securisyn Medical intends to use its lifesaving technology to fill this unmet need for civilian and military healthcare facilities globally that deliver care to patients and rely on chest tubes to drain air and/or blood from the patient’s chest cavity after severe trauma or during other lifesaving treatments. These patients are treated  throughout the continuum of care including  Intensive Care Units (ICU), Operating Rooms (OR) and Emergency Departments (ED), as well as, ground and air medical transportation entities.

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Securisyn Medical, LLC ( headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is an innovative medical technology and solutions company dedicated to creating and cultivating an approach to airway management that will enhance airway safety, prevent unplanned extubation and its associated complications, provide peace of mind for patients, their families, and practitioners and decrease healthcare costs through ethical, profitable, and sustainable business practices. The company is focused on collaborating with stakeholders around the world to eliminate preventable deaths related to airway management.


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