SomaLogic launches the SomaSignal™ Proteomics for Precision Medicine Initiative with healthcare innovators: Emory University, Intermountain Healthcare, CommonSpirit Health and UCHealth

SomaLogic announced today its SomaSignal™ Proteomics for Precision Medicine Initiative, the first large-scale, clinically focused partnership effort aimed at equipping healthcare providers with the power of proteomic technology to inform decisions at the point of care. The projects planned and insights gained from these partnerships may enable providers to make decisions based on an individual’s unique proteome signature, reflecting certain indicators used for determining their real-time health status and disease risk. Participating clinicians will be utilizing novel protein pattern recognition SomaSignal™ tests developed by SomaLogic using one of the world’s largest proprietary clinical proteomics database containing over 1.5 billion protein measurements and advanced machine learning approaches.

Find out more in the SomaLogic press release.

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