Weekly Policy Update: Colorado Policymakers Outline Top Priorities for 2020 Session

Colorado lawmakers returned to the Capitol on Wednesday for the start of the 2020 legislative session, where both parties laid out their top priorities.

After calling for civility and bipartisanship, Democratic House Speaker K.C. Becker highlighted her party’s efforts to adopt new gun laws, establish a paid family and medical leave policy, address transportation needs, and lower health care costs. Her Republican counterpart, House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, made a similar call for bipartisanship, but also stressed his party’s resistance to Democratic priorities.

Over in the Senate, Senate President Leroy Garcia echoed Speaker Becker’s calls for bipartisanship and urged legislators to work together and find common ground this session, highlighting issues around climate change, higher education, and health care costs. Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert focused his remarks on issues like transportation and education. He stressed the need to dedicate general revenue funding to transportation and talked about key education priorities including expanded school choice, bonuses for high-performing teachers, and greater transparency in school performance ratings.

The following day, Governor Jared Polis delivered his second State of the State address to the Colorado General Assembly. After highlighting many of the bills he signed into law last year, he focused on his plans to tackle affordability in every aspect of Coloradans’ lives – including education, housing, and utilities – with health care affordability as a top priority. The Governor expressed his support for prescription drug price transparency legislation and the recent public option proposal. He also committed to creating a paid family and medical leave plan and achieving universal preschool access by the end of his first term. You can watch and/or read the full State of the State address here.

With 148 bills introduced on day one, it’s clear it’s going to be another busy legislative session. The CBSA team is here to keep you updated on key legislation impacting the industry, the Association’s positions, and opportunities for you to engage.


If you would like to get involved in CBSA’s advocacy efforts or if you have questions/comments about specific policies or legislation, we want to hear from you! Please contact Emily Roberts, Vice President, at eroberts@cobioscience.com or 303-592-4071.

Stay up to date with what is impacting the life sciences community during the session.

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