The World’s First Fully Automated Benchtop Digital Genome Engineering Platform Is Here

As synthetic biology continues to grow, advanced benchtop systems are becoming available to make research and product development easier. Now, Inscripta, a digital genome engineering company, has announced the first commercial shipment of its Onyx platform. The platform is the world’s first fully automated benchtop instrument for genome-scale engineering. Inscripta also announced its Series E funding of $150 million. 

“We see a lot of areas where we think our technology can have a real impact,” says Sri Kosaraju, president and CEO of Inscripta. “We are excited to explore them as we are growing.” 

Full-Scale Genome Engineering

Inscripta’s Onyx benchtop system includes the instruments, software, consumables, and assays needed for full-scale genome engineering. The Crispr-mediated platform enables experimentation within cells, so thousands of edits can be made in one run of the instrument. 

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