To Support Go/No-Go Decisions in Early Drug Development, Inotiv Got It Together — Fast

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are always under pressure to improve research productivity. Increasingly, they rely on contract research organizations (CROs) for access to specific expertise, laboratory capacity, and scalability to accelerate progress. Inotiv is a broadly capable, service-oriented CRO that provides on-time, high-quality data and insights that drug developers need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the pressure on sponsors as they search for a vaccine. Inotiv has been instrumental in supporting multiple sponsors at the earliest discovery stages of advancing vaccine and antiviral candidates to help address the pandemic. Before a drug is tested in humans, drug developers must do as much as they can to ensure the drug will be both safe and effective. If done organically, equipping a company with all the testing capabilities, services, and expertise required to help drug sponsors gather the evidence they need to determine whether their drug candidates are worthy of clinical trials would have taken decades. Yet Inotiv’s founders assembled this integrated, complementary suite
of resources and capabilities in less than three years and now serves hundreds of pharmaceutical and device companies. How did they do it?

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