Urgent – Open Positions with the State and Children’s Hospital

Colorado BioScience Association is working with policymakers and business leaders to support our ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic and offer our community’s expertise. The Governor’s team is asking for immediate support, as is Children’s Hospital. Current opportunities:

1) Clinical Directors – Laboratory Developed Test Rapid Response Team
The Governor’s team is looking for three clinical directors who would be willing to serve on a laboratory developed test rapid response team. These candidates would need to meet the qualifications to serve as the director of a CLIA certified lab and would assess the validity of new laboratory developed tests for COVID-19.

2) Children’s Hospital Colorado
In addition, Children’s Hospital Colorado is in need of staff (master’s level and bachelor’s level) who can run and help run COVID-19 samples.

Additional Capacity for Children’s Hospital:
• 4 Molecular Microbiologists with MLS or MB(ASCP) or Equivalent
• Needed to perform SARS-CoV-2 testing
• 4 Technologists with MLS(ASCP) or equivalent
• To support specimen processing of test samples upon arrival, auxiliary testing to support the outbreak
• 4 Lab Assistants – High School Diploma or above
• To support specimen entry into the system, including account creation and management

If you know of a qualified candidate or need additional information on either above, please contact Jennifer Jones Paton.

Visit our Career Center.

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