Weekly Policy Blog: CBSA Releases 2023 Policy + Advocacy Report 

Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) has released its 2023 CBSA Policy + Advocacy Report, which summarizes CBSA’s engagement during the Colorado legislative session, the regulatory process to implement several key bills passed in prior years, and federal policy engagement in 2023. The report highlights the breadth and depth of CBSA’s leadership as the voice of Colorado’s life sciences ecosystem. As CBSA’s Policy + Advocacy team prepares for the 2024 Colorado legislative session, which kicks off on Wednesday, January 10th, we plan to continue our collaborations with partners and policymakers focused around CBSA’s Policy Priorities

A Letter from Amy Goodman, Colorado BioScience Association Vice President and Counsel for Policy + Advocacy  

Colorado Life Sciences Ecosystem: 

CBSA leads Policy + Advocacy to support a collaborative, pro-innovation environment for life sciences in Colorado. We work in collaboration with partners and policymakers to advance state and federal policies that support the companies in our ecosystem and the patients they serve.  

In 2023, the Policy + Advocacy team built coalitions to support policies that would make a meaningful impact on patients and counter legislation that would make it harder for life sciences companies to advance new technologies and treatments for patients. 

During the 2023 Colorado legislative session, CBSA reviewed, analyzed, and discussed thirty-eight bills. Of those, CBSA supported six bills and opposed two bills, actively engaging throughout the legislative process. CBSA supported bills related to grant programs, industry incentives, workforce and education, and insurance coverage for needed therapies and technologies. CBSA opposed bills related to regulation of employers and price caps on critical medicines. 

CBSA also advocated for the life sciences ecosystem and the patients it serves throughout the regulatory process to implement several key bills passed in prior years, including, most notably, the Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB) and the implementation of a toxic air contaminant monitoring program that could impact the utilization of Ethylene Oxide (EtO) for the sterilization of medical devices and other medical products. 

In addition, CBSA worked to promote and champion federal legislation that would advance Colorado’s health innovation ecosystem. CBSA collaborated with leading national organizations that work on behalf of life sciences innovators in Colorado and around the country to advocate for shared policy objectives and ensure elected officials hear the collective voice of Colorado’s ecosystem. 

CBSA could not lead this work without our members, Board of Directors, the Policy Committee, and the lobbying team at Colorado Legislative Strategies. Thank you to everyone who dedicates their time to advocate for our life sciences community and educate legislators on the impacts and unintended consequences of policy decisions. 

Amy Goodman, JD, MBE | Vice President and Counsel for Policy + Advocacy  | Colorado BioScience Association 

2023 CBSA Policy + Advocacy: Summary of Engagement

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