Weekly Policy Update: Bills Banning Pharmacy Gag Clauses

Last week President Trump signed two bills (Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act and Know the Lowest Price Act) into law that ban gag clauses that were called for in the American Patients First blueprint back in May. These clauses can be included in contracts insurers have with pharmacies — preventing pharmacies from telling customers they can save money on a drug if they pay with cash instead of using their health insurance. These bills are similar to HB18-1284 which was signed into law this past legislative session in Colorado by Governor Hickenlooper.

CBSA continues to be supportive of HB18-1284 as we see it as a way to provide direct out of pocket cost savings for patients in need. At CBSA we are dedicated to patients, ensuring people live longer, healthier lives. We see this as a way to ensure patients receive the needed treatments and cures. We work every day to create an innovation-friendly business environment ensuring that as an industry we deliver value to patient.

To learn more about CBSA’s support of HB18-1284 click here and to learn more about what is happening at the federal level click here.

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