Weekly Policy Update: Build Back Better Act Stalled in the Senate

Over the weekend Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced that he would be voting ‘no’ on the Build Back Better Act (BBBA). His concerns with the legislation are primarily based on the environmental and tax policy provisions within the bill. With the ever-challenging dynamic of a tied Senate, the Senator’s vote was needed to secure passage of the President and Congressional Democrats’ 10-year, $1.75 trillion spending plan. Even with the passage of the legislation unlikely at this stage, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to move ahead with a vote next month to have Senators’ votes on the record.  

It is important to note that even if the BBBA does not pass next year, the drug pricing and investment provisions could end up in other legislative packages going forward. CBSA is committed to advancing affordability solutions that correct market failures, increase competition, and lower costs for patients. We will continue to engage with the Congressional Delegation regarding the harm these and other policies pose to Colorado’s thriving life sciences ecosystem and the patients we serve.  

Read CBSA’s outreach letters: 

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