Weekly Policy Update: CBSA Convenes Roundtable Discussion with Congressman Joe Neguse

CBSA convened a virtual roundtable this week with Congressman Joe Neguse, who represents Colorado’s second Congressional district. It was a great opportunity for leaders in our ecosystem to highlight the work they’re doing and raise policy issues that are important to their company and our life sciences community.

In his remarks, Congressman Neguse applauded the work of our state’s health innovators over the past year to develop and deliver new tests, treatments and vaccines to combat COVID-19. He talked about critical provisions in the American Rescue Plan that provided additional funding for pandemic response and aim to alleviate health and economic impacts of COVID-19. The Congressman also highlighted several of his priorities, including his role on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Caucus where he promotes policies that encourage the growth of early-stage innovation companies.

CBSA members had the chance to dialogue with Congressman Neguse, addressing topics such as improving access to care, reducing coverage barriers for breakthrough technologies and supporting startups and growth stage companies through proposals like the IGNITE American Innovation Act.

Several companies also shared their support for the CMS rule on Medicare Coverage of Innovative Technologies (MCIT), which creates a pathway for FDA-designated breakthrough technologies to receive immediate Medicare coverage, if they are approved by the FDA and apply to participate in the program. Groundbreaking technologies that meet the FDA’s rigorous standards for expedited review often still face significant coverage and payment hurdles. The MCIT rule is a critical step in ensuring seniors have access to these new innovations. Last month, we were disappointed when the Biden Administration delayed implementation of the rule to seek additional public comments. We asked Congressman Neguse for his support as we advocate for full implementation of the MCIT rule.

CBSA appreciates the Congressman’s leadership and support of our life sciences ecosystem. We look forward to continuing our work with his office to advance policies that drive health innovation and improve patient access.

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