Weekly Policy Update: CBSA Engages on Key Legislation

CBSA took new positions on several bills in the 2021 legislative session. Here is a recap of what happened this week.

New Funding for Advanced Industries Grant Program: On Tuesday, the legislature passed Senate Bill 42, which includes a one-time, $10 million infusion for the AI Grant Program. Governor Polis is expected to sign the bill into law. This is a big victory for our life sciences ecosystem, following funding cuts to the program during the 2020 budget shortfall. Learn more.

Regulating Plastic Products: Earlier in the session, CBSA took an amend position on House Bill 1162, which creates new regulations for plastic products. CBSA’s concern with the bill was the repeal of preemption and the potential for local municipalities to enact their own plastics regulations impacting medical products. While we do not think a local government would do so intentionally, without a statewide exemption, there is concern is could be overlooked.

This week CBSA testified on the bill in the House Energy & Environment Committee, urging legislators to vote in favor of an amendment exempting medical product and supplies. The amendment was adopted without any opposition. As a result, CBSA moved to a neutral position on HB 1162. Read CBSA’s testimony.

Drug Affordability Review Board: CBSA opposes Senate Bill 175, which would create a prescription drug affordability review board in Colorado. CBSA shares the goal of improving the affordability of medicines, but this bill imposes government price controls on prescription drugs, which will restrict patient access to medicines and discourage the development of new breakthrough therapies. CBSA will be testifying in opposition to the bill in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee hearing next Wednesday, March 17.

Repair of Digital Electronic Products: CBSA opposes House Bill 1199, which mandates manufacturers of digital electronic equipment share their diagnostic and repair information, software, tools, and parts with independent repair providers. While the bill exempts some medical device manufacturers, the requirements do apply to electric wheelchairs. CBSA opposes mandating the disclosure of protected proprietary information for any technology. Manufacturers make significant investments in the development of products and services, and the protection of intellectual property is critical to sustaining the health of a vibrant and innovative technology industry.

As the session continues, CBSA will advocate for our members and engage on legislation impacting our life sciences ecosystem. We will provide regular updates to our community, but if you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact CBSA vice president Emily Roberts.

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