Weekly Policy Update: CBSA Lays Groundwork for Upcoming 2022 Session

Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) leads Policy + Advocacy efforts to support a collaborative, pro-innovation environment for life sciences in Colorado. We work to advance state and federal policies that support the companies in our ecosystem and the patients they serve.

Our advocacy work is critical to our life sciences community. CBSA President & CEO, Jennifer Jones Paton, is working closely with our lobbying firm, Colorado Legislative Strategies (CLS), on strategy and planning in advance of the 2022 legislative session.

State Update: CBSA + CLS Lay Groundwork for 2022 Legislative Session

Since the First Regular Session of the 73rd General Assembly ended last month, our Policy + Advocacy team has been hard at work laying the groundwork for the upcoming legislative session which will kick off January 2022. Our activities include:

1. Planning and hosting fundraisers for the Senate Democrats, Republicans, House Democrat, and Republican Caucuses.

2. Setting up in person and meetings on Zoom to continue to build relationships with newer legislators.

3. Attending House Republican and Senate Democrat post-session fundraising events.

4. Monitoring committee assignments to legislative interim committees including the housing and behavioral health task forces.

5. Working on recommendations for CBSA PAC dollar contributions to be made to legislators and candidates.

6. Researching and meeting with new candidates running for election in 2022.

7. Attended the first 2021 C3 Base Camp trip with key Weld County legislators.

All of these activities are important to CBSA’s Policy + Advocacy leadership. We are proud of our dedicated, year-round lobbying team. Thank you to CLS and everyone who dedicates their time to advocate for our life sciences community and educate legislators on the impacts and unintended consequences of policy decisions.

Federal Update: Multi-Cancer Early Detection

On the federal level, new research indicates Americans are more likely to support Congressional candidates who support multi-cancer early detection (MCED). Senator Michael Bennet recently reintroduced the Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Coverage Act, legislation that would ensure Medicare Beneficiaries Receive Coverage for Cancer Detection Technologies. CBSA and more than 300 other organizations conveyed our support for this legislation in a recent letter to the bill’s sponsors.

For questions about CBSA’s policy + advocacy, reach out to CBSA President & CEO Jennifer Jones Paton.

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